Monday, December 17, 2012

Almost Here.....

Christmas is almost here, I have a couple days of school left. We can't wait to see family! Our little girls first one and her big brothers third! Oh my how time flies I cannot believe it. After last friday and the Elem. School Shooting in CT I need a break. I am praying hard for the children's families as well as the teachers loved ones that lost them as well. This has hit me harder then I thought it would and Husbandio asked why I was reading or watching it (all in all I have watched maybe an hour and 1/2 worth of info on it.) As a teacher we try to impart many things to our students and I hope many realize how much we do love our kids these teacher have made that evident.So hug all your loved ones tight this Holiday season give an extra kiss or two random act of violence happen as well as random acts of kindness, so be a little kinder this season and show the amazing kind of love that God calls us to.
Sorry to get on the soap box.
Lil'man is getting his 2 year old molars, lil' lady is rolling both directions now front to back, back to front. She is such a happy little baby just like her bib brother was.
We got our tree up and decorated very lightly this weekend, then daddy and lil'man went to the store to get some cookie ingredients, I hung a few more things the stockings. when they arrive home Caleb walked in carrying a big bag of sugar so strong! He helped Daddy put it away and was taking his coat off and realized a stocking had his name on it he came over saying thank you mommy thank you kissing and hugging me it is so amazing how much my son has grown and how well he can communicate with others. So thankful for the kids I have been blessed with.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


So this past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Living Proof Simulcast with Beth Moore. Let me tell you, I was not sure I was going until the last minute, I had been talking about it but still wasn't sure. My friend Penny had invited me adn I then thought hey i really should have a girls day. So Lil girly girl and I got ready to go, while Husbandio got Boogerman ready. So Boogerman and Daddy had a great guys day at Aloha zoo and just hanging out. Abby and I realized really quickly that I was meant to be at this event. God was speaking to me directly. The church was so welcoming and helpful to a nursing mom with a baby in tow. They made sure i could still participate even wehn i had to leave the main sanctury they had the tv in the nursing room on and running with it all day as well.We learned a lot about fear and being willing to allow God to work a miracle in our lives, not to be held captive by our fear as well as talking about our freedom in Christ. So it has helped me to realign my focus on the Lord. Husbandio and I are also doing a marriage bible study which is wonderful, it has been since we left Charlotte since we have been able to do a study together. So that is a huge blessing in my life....God is drawing me closer I didn't realize how far I had drfited. While at the Beth Moore event and for those of you who know me for all of the raffles, door prizes etc that I enter i do not win but someone i come with or the person who invited me wins. Well I won a door prize I recieved a basket full of hair care and pedicure manicure products that was wothe a total of $ God was saying see you were to be here I had this planned down to you fixing that hair of yours Ha! Then I get on my blog to update it and the verse of the day for today that is being displayed is 2 Corith. 3:17 "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." Ummm talk about God moving in my life at the moment... please pray that he will continue to draw me closer to him and that I will abide in him. Just a quick hi.  Love and miss you all.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

20 minutes!!!

I have roughly 20 minutes before the little princess awakes and demands her food. She is growing so quick, it makes me realize how quickly booger-man is growing too. Little man has switched schools at day care and they gave his spot away in his old class which is where we were hoping he would stay until his last day, but it did not work out that way. Please pray for us as the next few weeks are going to be full of more change as Caleb moves to a new school and Daddy starts taking him to day care. He will watch Abby leave with Mommy in the morning to go to her school. Daddy will have his surgery to fix his hearing in his worse ear and then will have some restrictions on bending over and lifting. I will still be finishing up my maternity with limited lifting as well. Then School changes and starting for all of us. Mommy at work, Daddy at seminary and kiddos at daycare. So please, PLEASE keep us in your prayers.
I had my first "He's to quiet moment" the other night as I was feeding Abby and then my little man says in this sweet little vice c'mere momma so I get up and go. Only to find my guest bathroom sink overflowing onto the floor because it has been plugged with toilet paper, multiple washcloths and toothbrushes and my two year old standing there in his rain boots on the chair stomping his feet and splashing his hands in the sink!!! UGH!!!! I told him to go get towels from mommas room fast to help clean up this mess!! He was like Oh No a mess and off he scampered. He helped clean it all up. (Note to self be wary of the too quiet moments, i should know this!) running out of time here are some of our summer highlights!! Love to you.
Swimming this summer

at Marbles museum b4 abby arrives

Aloha Zoo meeting stretch

Holding Abby for 1st time

mommy & abby

Fresh Abby

My birthday present!

Love the look!

my two precious ones! God is good.

already dancing!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The End of an only child.

So tomorrow our newest member of our family will be arriving. We go in at 9 for an 11 appt. however if they are ahead of schedule it could be at 9 if they are running behind it may be 2 hours later like 1, so as soon as the baby is here we will let you know what it is boy or girl... i know there are a few people who are still hoping for a girl so we shall see. We just want a healthy baby to bring home. So Caleb will be hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa for the next couple of days. That will be a fun time for all. Some contractions are happening not sleeping the greatest just a little nervous about the whole procedure, think I would have rather gone into active labor and tried the VBAC  but I am trusting God and the history of the family as well as my own please just keep us in your thoughts and prayers especially for the hubby as he puts up with me and my crazy... Looking forward to meeting the little butterbean, as well as all the family arriving to visit soon to. Love you all can't wait to see you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Me & Elmo
So here is Calebs best friend. He loves his Elmo and his red wagon. Although Elmo is usually what we have to convince him to leave at home since they are about the same size. In the next few pictures you will see we have found various ways to stay cool and beat the summer heat. He loves the sprinkler only now it reminds him of rain so he want to take an umbrella out with him sometimes! The orange bucket is the one he eventually took a topple in and doused himself with water in the process. Mom is still trying to find a comfy chair to sit in with baby while watching Boogs run and play in the yard. Have thought about a sandbox for little man to play in however our neighbors have said to make sure we have a good cover for it since they have been finding snakes!
where's all the water gone?
 Some are copperheads, and others are just harmless little snakes living out their lives. However the neighbor behind us does not take car of their lawn and their children have told other kids as they jump on the trampoline to stay out of certain areas because of the snakes. So needless to say dogs clear the yard then we let the kid out.So still trying to figure out the best way to do a sandbox...i think Caleb would love it but want to keep him safe too.
run fast thru the sprinkler

 So Caleb loves to watch golf with daddy, I think it is due to the clapping on every hole! He is such a little encourager and celebratory little boy. So we went and played putt-putt he did amazing the first 4 holes and then was bored. Had more fun throwing the ball, hitting Momma's ball out of the way or all the way back to the T. It was a fun time though. Glad we went.Well just trying to get some more things posted that have been on the to do list for a bit now. Dad is on his way home from camp and to the Zoo tommorrow we will go! Fun Fun, type at you soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

quick peek!

albino croc
So here are some quick photos from spring break in April. We went to Kure Beach and Ft. Fisher's aquarium. Our friend Sara went with us. It was a fun day had by all! Little man wasn't sure of the water but he loved the sand and chasing the birds. The Aquarium was really awesome would recommend it and want to go again!! Just wanted to get theses up. Caleb is/was watching Jonah, now he's on my lap trying to help, turning the printer on and off.. Hope you like these more soon I hope!See you all soon as baby Trox 2 arrives!
turtles all in a row

Caleb checking out the turtles

Caleb digging in the sand favorite thing to do

My Boys looking for seashells

Thursday, May 3, 2012

well here I am...

So once again I have made it back to this site for an update. However, i thought i would be putting up some pictures of Boogs, yet the husbadio is using the computer for his conference, so I am doing a quick update from work.

We had a great spring break and Easter. Our church did an Easter Play/Pageant whatever you would like to call it on Friday and sat it was Christ's life up until the Cross and then on Sunday it was the resurrection and ascension. Caleb loved the Sunday one it was so full of Music, colors, lights and banners. He clapped like crazy. That Friday we drove to Ft. Fisher, near Wilmington went to the aquarium and then spent the afternoon at the beach! Caleb Loved the sand he wouldn't go near the water, I think the noise of it scared him more then anything. But he played in the sand digging and throwing it (mainly throwing it)! Daddy and him played some soccer too. It was fun to watch. All in all we had a great day at the beach, we will go again to Kure Beach it was a blast.

Boogs, now has most of his teeth in except for 2 on the bottom that are still breaking thru the gums. He loves his teeth he is such a little cheesy grin guy now. Caleb is still into balls, the baseball coach at my school gave him a baseball after one of the games and he carried it around and slept with it for almost three days, Momma had to hide it for a couple days. Any type of ball and stick he is a happy lil' man. He also loves to play in his water bucket outside and help water all of our vegetables. He pushes his firetruck and tonka trucks thru the backyard. He goes as fast as he can to try to scare and chase the dogs. Molly and Moo are doing really great with him too. Although the other night he gave me heart failure. I had just checked on him and the dogs through the back door as I was beginning to start dinner. Not 5 minutes later the doorbell rings. I was like hmmm i wonder why the dogs aren't barking and going crazy? So i look out the back door, no dogs no boy! Ahhhh My 8 year old neighbor is at the door letting me know the dogs are loose. My little man has figured out how to open the back gate to the yard! (yikes! note to self buy a padlock to lock gate.which BTW Husbandio and I had just been talking about earlier in the week) OK i say where are the dogs he points across the street to the cul-de-sac. Then I say have you seen Caleb he said "yep he's with the dogs". Thanks I said as I dash out into the street. (As fast as a prego can dash)
There is Caleb all the way on the other side of the cul-de-sac. I yell Caleb come here. He shakes his little head no and stomps his foot, points and the dog and says Molly, Moo come! Boogs knew he was in trouble and was trying to "catch" the dogs. Silly little boy. So I scooped him up and headed for home, while yelling for the dogs, Moo came with us so i gave her a treat and trapped her and Caleb in the house while I went after Molly, who by then was on the other side of the house trying to figure out how to get back inside the fence, so I caught her and took her inside about 15 minutes later Michael made it home from Seminary! Glad to have gotten everyone wrangled up before Daddy got home!!
So that has been our exciting adventures lately.
Hope all is well in your realm!